Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sunny paddling with Martin Kemp and his car - the Sunday Times Magazine


The sun is beating down, I am standing in shorts and a t-shirt, but still dripping with sweat. It’s pretty hard to concentrate on my camera and lighting in this heat. Martin Kemp (of Spandau Ballet, Radio 2 and EastEnders fame) is sitting inside his Porsche air conditioning full blast. He is determined to be photographed in his suit, but it is the hottest day of the year, so we are going to have to be quick to avoid too many sweat marks. He darts out of his car when I give him a thumbs up and poses in front of it looking stylish and well kept. Thankfully photography is easy with him, he just looks good whatever he does… so the first location really doesn’t take long and back into the air conditioning he goes.

The next location feels much more summery, because I get to go paddling in the pools in front of the car. And there is a breeze - thank the god of wind, she sent a blessing to us. I throw off my shoes and jump into the pool. This is much more like it! I don’t feel like I will boil at any moment, and Martin and his car are looking amazing in front of me. Soon Martin is so into the shoot he takes of his shoes and we end up having a chat with our feet dangling in the water and the sun beating down on us.

Great to meet you sir, thanks for the fun shoot.


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