Friday, 7 October 2016

Fight IPF campaign

REU030 DPS Ads_Global2

IPF is a condition that causes the progressive scarring of the lungs and seriously hinders those with it. However, patients can fight back against it to prolong and improve their lives. I was asked by Healthcircle to photograph a global campaign to get people affected by the condition to fight IPF.

A job like this is all about your team and it was wonderful working with some of the most talented people out there. Massive thanks to Wyatt Clarke and Jones for making it all come together and to everyone else for their hard work and creativity. I look forward to working with you guys again soon.

Creative Director: Nolan Willis
Casting: Sue Odell
Talent: Joanna Woodley, Ruth Galliers, Denis Gianni, Conrad Peters, Philip Ridout, Brandon Hardwood.
Styling and on-set production:
Digi-tech: Paul Blundell
Lighting Assistant: Gary Sobczyk

REU030 DPS Ads_Global1
REU030 DPS Ads_Global4
REU030 DPS Ads_Global6
REU030 DPS Ads_Global3
REU030 DPS Ads_Global5


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