Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Dickens Sisters for The Sunday Times Magazine


“Can I dress you up in Dickensian costumes?”
“No way! That is taking it too far…”
“Go on it will be great fun.”
“No, that’s an awful idea.”
“Please, I really do think it would look amazing.”
“Well… um... maybe…if we were men and not women.”

I had had the same conversation with both Sophie and Lucy Dickens separately. Neither of the sisters had been that up for the idea of making the photoshoot all about their great-great-grandfather. However, if we had fun with that idea then why the hell not.

So it was a few days later I found myself in Angels costume store, surrounded by Victorian era outfits with two giggling sisters flashing their ankles at me from underneath petticoats and sticking fake moustaches onto each other. Exactly the kind of shoot I love.

Lucy and Sophie are impressive artists. Do check out their work on their websites:
Sophie Dickens


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