Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The best street in Shoreditch - Wileyfox Swift 2 Phone

God bless the people of Shoreditch. There is an amazing corner right outside Shoreditch High Street station that literally has hundreds of wonderful and unique people walking past it all day long - the perfect place for a photoshoot.

This story starts with me showing my portfolio to the art buyers at Hogarth & Ogilvy. Something must have clicked because a few days later I got a call asking me to shoot a campaign in the same style as my Portrait of California project.

This was for a tech company called Wileyfox who want people to see their mobile phones as different, fun, and exciting. So Dan at Ogilvy decided to make a video in a different way: using just still images - and all those images would be portraits. But how do you find enough people to photograph who are different, fun and exciting with only a couple of days until the shoot?

Cue a fearless team who could walk up to strangers and ask to photograph them, a white sheet stuck to a wall outside Shoreditch High Street, vast quantities of energy providing jelly babies, and a nearly endless supply of interesting people walking past. 75 portrait shoots later and we had everything we needed and more. Here is what Dan made with the shots - I love it.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Caught in the moment - Middlesbrough's promotion to the Premier League


Everyone knew that the moment the final whistle went the crowd would go insane. The pitchside security had given up trying to control them. I waited, crouched behind the goal eager to capture the moment. The whistle went. One person made a jump for the barrier. Then another. Two more. Then a tsunami of fans poured onto the pitch. Grown men crying. People screaming with happiness. Euphoria took over the air as Middlesbrough celebrated.

I had been chosen by the Premier League to capture the feelings of the final match of the season. My brief was to watch the crowd and photograph them. It’s the strangest way to be in a stadium - you don’t know what’s happening on the pitch, but you do know the emotions of the people around you intimately. Every movement watched intensely, every goal a triumph, every miss a tragedy.

I finished the night standing on a seat overlooking a pitch covered in people, chants echoing around the stadium summing up what awaited them next season...