Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Philip Hamilton for SvD Perfect Guide


Philip Hamilton and I spent a morning together in the new Aquavit restaurant in London dancing on tables, burning cocktails, making fake moustaches out of milk foam and generally having a great time. Oh and we also set the kitchen on fire, apologies to the head chef… The wonderful thing about portraiture is that it is a collaboration – the final images are part me and part my subject. And therefore you never quite know what will happen on the day. If only every person in front of my lens was as fun as Philip.
This all came after a journalist called me asking if I wanted to work for the top newspaper in Sweden – I of course said yes. Apparently some kind person had recommended me, so massive thanks to them. Philip Hamilton is the man tasked with spreading the food of the famous New York restaurant Aquavit to the rest of the world; and London is his first stop. If the food is as much fun as the CEO then I can totally recommend this place.  
Huge thanks to Linda Iliste for the commission, it was a pleasure working with you.
Check out the article here: LINK

APGS_0422_Philip Hamilton_low-1
Philip Hamilton - Four

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