Thursday, 18 May 2017

Europe - From Sunrise to Sunset

That’s right. It’s time for part two of my epic adventure photographing for UnitedHealthcare Insurance. After travelling around The Americas with my camera, I found myself soaring across the Atlantic Ocean. I was going on a Eurotrip through Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence, Tuscany and London… let’s hit the road.

Like the Americas, I had very little time in each place and lots of photographs to take. Once again, it was a case of photographing from sunrise to sunset: snap, eat, snap, sleep, snap, repeat. I found myself cycling the canals of Amsterdam, photographing loved-up strangers in Paris, eating ‘the best pizza’ In Rome (every pizzeria’s claim) and pretending to be a tourist in my home city of London.

Thank you UnitedHealthcare Insurance for the experience. One of the most intense but enjoyable jobs to date.

See part one here: LINK

See part my photos from Canada and Mexico here: LINK

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