Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Women in the Forces for The Sunday Times Magazine

It was only after the helicopter had flown away that it really hit me. I had been lying on the grass with my camera photographing the underside of the aircraft hovering just metres above me. My focus was on getting the shot and I didn’t have time to be frightened…

I was photographing women who have worked in war zones, on or beyond the front line - a medic who’s been in firefights with the Taliban, a Merlin pilot trained to survive when shot down in enemy territory, and a Chinook winch operator who's flown all over Afghanistan. For the first time women are being allowed to train as foot soldiers, placed on the front line to fight the enemy. We were there to meet some of the women who have already been over that line but in other roles in the forces. It was amazing hearing their stories and fascinating to hear about their experiences as women in such a male dominated work environment.

Journalist Katie Glass reports on the controversial topic that has split opinion in the UK. Read the article here: LINK

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