Friday, 16 June 2017

Magic of the marquee

Personal projects are the lifeblood of being a photographer, you can experiment and play with new ways of making pictures and let your creativity run free. These projects can be both big and small - some require you to dedicate years of your life to them LINK, and others you can shoot in a single evening. I was walking past Brockwell park one lunchtime when I saw the huge marquees of Zippos Circus sprawled across the green. The creative juices were clearly flowing as an idea sprung out like a clown on a pogo stick… who are the people who live and work in a circus like that? Wouldn’t it be fascinating to take the portraits of the people behind the magic. With just my camera I turned up later that evening and captured the people behind the tent’s curtains.

The show was truly spectacular, such a joy to watch. Massive thanks to Zippos Circus and all the performers I had the pleasure to photograph.

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