Adam Kay for The Sunday Times Magazine

“If this was reality there should be wine in the drip Charlie”

And so it was I found myself replacing saline solution with white wine in a medical drip. I was with Adam Kay photographing him for The Sunday Times Magazine - he used to be a doctor, but then left the profession to become a very funny man and a brilliant writer. He’s recently brought his two careers together in a book documenting his time as a junior doctor in the NHS. Darkly humorous and often shocking it documents the emotional rollercoaster he took after saying the hippocratic oath.

It was such a pleasure photographing Adam, he was wonderfully up for trying out different ideas and got totally into drinking at midday with me. Massive thanks also to Pascale Reacher who turned up with fake blood and a scary ability to make someone look really tired. And of course to Russ for the fun commission.

Check out the Sunday Times Magazine to read an excerpt from Adam’s book: LINK

Make sure to grab yourself a copy of the book.


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