2017 - what a year

From the humid slums of Kolkata to the bedrooms of super fans in Soweto - My exhibition '10 Years of Premier Skills' was launched at the British Council in February: LINK

A mouldable glue with a sticky place in my heart. I photographed founder Jane for the second time. Last time I stuck her to the ceiling, this time I buried her in stuff: LINK

I had access all areas at the BAFTA TV awards. It was wet, windy and my dinner jacket got ruined - but I think I managed to capture Joan Collins' best angle: LINK

An iconic film star and an up-for-anything restaurateur - my first shoots for SvD Perfect Guide were certainly interesting:

Liv Ullmann: LINK
Philip Hamilton: LINK

For the second year running a photograph of mine was selected for the National Portrait Gallery's exhibition. Such an honour to be back again - go check out the exhibition: LINK

My project '10 Years of Premier Skills' was included in Creative Review's photography book. It feels great to be alongside many wonderful photographers' work: LINK

I love these short, high-intensity photoshoots - but sadly there wasn't time for Ed to teach me the cha cha cha: LINK

I hit the streets with undercover officers, jumped around with performance artists, heard harrowing stories from recovering addicts, and met Class A users running businesses. There wasn't a single dull moment on my shoot for the BBC documentary Drugsland: LINK

Helicopters, tanks and a bit of banter. It was an honour to photograph front line women - and great fun ordering around a Chinook: LINK

"Do you want to photograph the best breakthrough talent Charlie?" I'm not going to turn that down am I? We danced, jumped, played air guitar and even debated biscuits on my shoot for the BAFTA Breakthrough Brits... LINK

My photograph of the wonderful Diana Athill was displayed all over the country's electronic billboards as part of the Portrait of Britain exhibition: LINK

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