50 years of Just a Minute

"Paul you have 60 seconds to talk on the subject of Nicholas Parsons without hesitation, repetition or deviation. Your time starts... now."

I grew up listening to Just a Minute and it's still one of my favourite radio shows. What an honour it was to photograph the legend that is Nicholas Parsons and his show-biz-side-kick Paul Merton. Did you know Nicholas hasn't missed a single episode in the fifty years he has been presenting the show? Awesome.

My job usually involves having a conversation with my subject, slowly breaking down the barrier between us, and in turn, capturing their genuine personality. Rather uniquely, Nicholas and Paul bounced off each other from the moment they began conversing and I didn't have to do much but capture the strong, genuine friendship and respect they clearly have for one another.

What a great shoot. Oh, and just so you know - Paul does an amazing Mick Jagger impression.

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