There I was at 1am in a dark alley with two undercover police officers. Up walks this lady offering us crack. It was a stark reminder of the importance of the documentary we were there to promote.

I spent my university days in Bristol so I was excited to be invited back by the BBC to shoot there. However, this documentary would show me a side of the city I hadn't known before: drugs, crime and addiction, but also those working to make it a safer and better place.

There wasn't a single dull moment - I discovered class A drug users living completely normal lives, performers who use hallucinogenic substances to enhance their work, recovered addicts making a new life for themselves, and police officers dedicated to helping those in need.

From the few brief clips I have seen the series is not something to be missed. It was exciting, emotional and an honour to be part of. You can watch the episodes here: LINK

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