Thursday, 3 March 2011

Gambling around


I'm continuing to push myself by shooting self funded work with a team of individuals in Bristol who all want to expand their portfolios. This is an awesome way to shoot as it means I have total creative freedom plus help and inspiration from others as well.

_MG_7681-Edit.jpg14TH FEB SHOOT-012-Edit.jpg

Most recently I planned a shoot based around a 50's gambling theme. We shot this in Bristol over the course of half a day. What with a pretty stressful time when we thought none of the wardrobe would show up plus being unable to get any models until a few days before it all ended up being quite a stressful shoot. However, with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work it all came out great in the end.


I like to push my models out of their normal comfort zone and stop them throwing their standard poses if I can. I find that this way you often capture much more genuine moments. In this shoot that meant getting Charlotte and Sal to act as the characters I had outlined for them. They both got really into it, shouting at each other, throwing playing cards around and giving cheeky smiles all at the same time.


I have to say a huge thanks to everyone who enabled this shoot to be pulled off.Robert Baker did all the hairstyling in exchange for some photographs that we took in the afternoon for a competition he's entering. Ashley Cover sorted us out with some great outfits that really set the scene beautifully and made my character ideas come to life. And Christelle Pellecuer created stunning make up that really helped give that 50's feel. Also thanks to Mustard modelling agency for finding us such great models at the last minute.



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