Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Best of 2011

It always nice to look back at the end of a year and see what you got up to. This year has been a big one for me - I have moved to London, gained loads of exciting new clients, photographed in some amazing places and met stacks of brilliant people.

Most of all I made many images that I am really proud of...

Personal Work

People and Animals

Patryk Koc and Ragdolls

I started my People and Animals project with Monika and Patryk and their many cats. Since then I have shot a load more people for this project and it will be continuing into 2012 as well. If you know of any people who spend their life alongside animals then please do put me in touch.

I have also photographed the following for the project:
Holebrook Farm - breeder of dogs, riders of horses and some very cute pigs.
Bristol Mounted Police - horses that are not afraid of a fight
Kasztanka Stables - relaxed Polish stables owners

Silent Portraits

Silent portraits: Will - 0150.jpg Silent Portraits: Sophie - 0490.jpgSilent Portraits: Paul - 0184.jpg

I also spent a crazy afternoon not speaking to my subjects for my Silent Portraits project/experiment. This was totally fascinating and taught me loads about people and how to interact and play with them when taking their photograph. Check out the blog post for more about what I learned from it: click here.


Digital Camera POTY

Jim Stevens of Holebrook Farm - 7690

I've placed highly in a couple of awards this year. Recently I came 3rd in the portrait category of Digital Camera's Photographer of the Year award thanks to Jim from Holebrook farm and his cute pigs.

Red for Heart

60 years together 

I also was highly commended in the Red for Heart competition run by the British Heart Foundation. My grandparents having a damn good kiss can now be found in all of the British Heart Foundation calendars.

Crew Clothing

Crew Clothing - 1656.jpg
Crew Clothing - 4667.jpgCrew Clothing - 5307.jpg

I photographed the Mount's Bay gig rowing team for Crew Clothing in Cornwall on a beautiful day and got to have great fun with a load of lovely people, ride along in some fast moving rowing boats and run around on a beach. Basically my perfect assignment: interesting people, a pretty place, the sea and a beach! Massive thanks to Crew for the great job.

University of Bristol


I also walked around most of Bristol for the University of Bristol photographing students for promotional material. This was awesome fun as I love Bristol, plus it was great to give back to the University that gave me so much whilst I studied there. See more here.

The Green Magazine

Leanne Cole photographed at the Royal Ballet School in Richmond Park, London

The Green magazine has recently published a lovely shoot of mine with Leanne Cole a top ballet dancer. We photographed her at the Royal Ballet School in Richmond Park. This was such a fun location to work in with so many great photography opportunities, I would happily go back their another 10 times and don't think I would ever run out of location ideas.

And finally...

Against the wall - 0075

How could I forget photographing Olga against a plain white wall and getting such a fun set of pictures from it.

Many thanks for such a fun year. Bring on 2012!


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  1. This is all brilliant Charlie!! I am so pleased for you. Your work is inspirational.......what a great year you have had........and may 2012 bring even more for you.
    Best wishes, Karen Harris